Inquality in Education add

One would think education for children is maintained, or equal no matter the ethnicity, background or location. Well, it should be, but that is not the case at this time. In Pennsylvania, and maybe in other states, the education of children is determined by their cultures and location. Education should be the basis for a greater opportunity in life, and that should be the case for everyone. But again that is not the case, the predicament you ask? Inequality in Education.


As we know partents often want the best for their children. Parents are often faced with the worry of if their child is receiving a good education and is there better? Should parents pay an extra 12,000 a year
for their little baby to reach full potential? Is it even worth it?


One of the biggest obstacles America is facing in education is curriculum. A good curriculum system is necessary for the future of every students. Curriculum is what people follow in school and the academic contents taught in a school or in a specific course or program. Weak curriculum and problems in it shatters many dreams everyday making curriculum one of the biggest obstacles facing American education.